Holding your sh*t together in tough times!

The coronavirus has changed our world overnight and stripped us of our certainty. We are standing on the threshold of a new world and nobody knows what it is going to look like yet, our circumstances are changing on a daily basis, so we are not even in a place where we can plan for a post coronavirus life. And yet our family, friends and the world at large are relying on us keeping our sh*t together and staying functional despite our traumatic circumstances.

Huge emotions are arising for people, fear, anxiety, loss, sorrow, anger, despair, and this for many is becoming overwhelming. People are turning to distractions to numb themselves out in a bid to remain functional and whilst this provides temporary relief from the feelings, they just keep returning, unbidden to wash Read more

How are you doing?

Stop! All change!!!

Wow, the world has certainly become a very different place all of a sudden hasn’t it?

I’m not massively brilliant at this staying in contact business, but in these crazy worrying times I thought I would break my usual radio silence to ask how are you doing (and yes, I would actually like to hear your honest answer)?

I’m seeing so many different responses to this current crisis but a lot of what I am observing is very split between positive and negative poles. I’m opting to stay somewhere in the middle, acknowledging my fear, hurt, despair and grief whilst also holding in the other hand the belief that this time will change our world permanently and my hope that perhaps that change might be for the better, not only for humans but for all beings on our planet. I could quite easily drop into the fear and stay there but I don’t think residing solely in that place will serve me well.

I’ve been chatting to people who are struggling with the crisis and particularly the social isolation that we are experiencing at the moment and we’ve been asking the question how do we get through this? Read more