Health & wellbeing for mind, body and spirit


  • 45 mins
  • £40
  • 60 mins
  • £50
  • 90 mins
  • £70

At present due to the COVID-19 pandemic this service is unavailable.


Aromatherapy is the holistic art of using essential oils (plant essences) to attend to conditions of disharmony and imbalance. Aromatherapy massage combines the power of the essential oils with the therapeutic action of touch.

This holistic treatment benefits the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

The action of the essential oils can have a profound effect on the body and when combined with gentle massage can double this potential. Through massage, blood and lymph circulation are increased improving the removal of waste products from the body. Muscular and joint aches and pains can be soothed, and energy can be increased relieving muscle fatigue.

Essential oils promote many therapeutic effects that can be useful when working with stress related issues, skin conditions, sleep issues, digestive disorders, and hormonal imbalances to name but a few problems.

What can you expect from a typical aromatherapy session?

Your initial treatment will be preceded by a consultation session, this can take anything from 5 to 20 minutes dependant on your reasons for seeking treatment and how detailed your medical history is. The appropriate oils for your treatment will be chosen during the consultation. After this the therapist will ask you to remove the appropriate clothing, this will vary dependant on the areas of the body which will be massaged. Rest assured you will never be asked to remove your underwear at any point. You will then proceed with the treatment, the full details of this will be discussed during your consultation. You will remain covered with a towel throughout the treatment and the only area of the body which will be exposed is the area which is being worked on at the time.

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