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Why thousands of people in the UK are turning to holistic therapies

Let me set the scene… It’s Friday afternoon, 4:30pm. You’re sat at your desk, just another hour to go and then you’re out of here for the weekend. You can feel yourself willing away the seconds until that moment when you can just put everything down for a few sweet days. You have spent the […]

Introduction to Shamanism – Tripping the light fantastic (with no hallucinogens in sight)

“He (the Shaman) is a self-reliant explorer of the endless mansions of a magnificent hidden universe.” Michael Harner (Anthropologist) I have been on many journeys.  The one I wish to talk to you about today started four years ago, and is still in progress.  I didn’t realise back in 2011 that I was choosing to […]

Summer shakeup – Right now is the best time to get moving with new projects, and making changes in your life.

We celebrated the summer solstice just a few short days ago which means we are at the height of summer right now (even if a glance outside the window may have you believing otherwise). Traditionally according to the medicine wheel this puts us firmly in the position of the south, and the element of fire.  […]

Reflexology – It’s not crazy, it’s just a little misunderstood

If I were to say “Would you like a reflexology treatment?” what response instantly comes into your mind? Let me guess……. Erm, that’s that feet thing isn’t it?…. I’m not really sure what that is…. Isn’t that for like when your ill and stuff?….. If I’m having a massage, I’d rather you did my shoulders than […]