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  • 45 mins
  • £50
  • Back, neck & shoulder massage + ear candling (60 mins)
  • £60

Ear Candling

Thermal auricular therapy is the name given to the professional use of ear candles.

The primary function of the candles is to stimulate a healthy energy flow in the head, neck and chest areas. When the candle is lit it warms the tissues of the ear, stimulates blood and lymph flow, and softens any ear wax which may be present. It also creates a vacuum action which draws excess wax and debris through the ear canal helping the body to dispose of these more easily.

As the candles stimulate an increase in blood and lymph flow to the head and respiratory tract this treatment is accessed for may reasons. Working from experience the typical reasons for people requesting this treatment include respiratory issues, sinus problems, hearing restrictions and excess levels of wax in the ear.

Typically for most minor conditions a series of one to three treatments will be required to effectively stimulate the energy flow in this area, however for more serious or long term conditions more treatments may be necessary.

What can you expect from a typical ear candling session?

Your initial treatment will be preceded by a consultation session, this can take anything from 5 to 20 minutes dependant on your reasons for seeking treatment and how detailed your medical history is. After this the therapist will ask you to remove the appropriate clothing. You will then proceed with the treatment. This consists of an initial upper body massage followed by the candle treatment and finishing with a brief massage to the neck and shoulder area. You will remain covered with a towel throughout the treatment and the only area of the body which will be exposed is the area which is being worked on at the time.

Ear candling can be performed as a stand-alone treatment or added to the end of any massage treatment, this adds an extra 20 minutes onto the treatment time.