Ever feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself?

IMG_6449Let me ask you some questions…

Have you ever had an experience that resulted in you feeling as if you had lost a part of yourself?

Have you had a time in your life which left you feeling massively diminished?

Have you ever suffered a deep shock, something which has profoundly rocked your personal reality?

Have you ever found yourself wondering where did that …fun loving, happy, confident, open minded, playful, relaxed etc… part of me go to?

Have you ever had an experience which, although the memory fades, you have never quite gotten over?

Do you find yourself still being affected by events which happened years ago?

Have you ever thought it would be possible to get those parts of yourself which you feel you are missing back?

In shamanic culture it is believed that in times of trauma (physical, mental, and emotional) a part of our soul fractures off and hides itself away in order to keep itself safe. Staying and living through the experience feels too challenging for it and so it is forced to flee.

In a tribal culture where every member of the tribe would practice shamanism as a daily form of spirituality this soul loss would be identified very rapidly and the person would have healing done for them in the form of a soul retrieval (the act of bringing soul parts home).

In our modern society people don’t recognise the symptoms of soul loss for what they are and so we walk around depleted, with holes in our energy system.

Because we are depleted we take into ourselves things which are unhelpful to us; things like other people’s negative thoughts and beliefs about us and the world, rejections, and criticisms. These become a part of our life and we start to live our lives according to what they tell us; think about that voice in your head that tells you you’re too chatty, or you’re useless, or women should always be quiet and demure, men should be bold and strong, and any other number of unhelpful beliefs; also have a think about whether or not these are things you actually believe to be true (especially when you think about it in the context of another person rather than yourself) or whether perhaps these are things which someone else has told you.

Modern shamanism offers us a way to rebalance things and bring ourselves back together. Soul retrieval is still one of the core practices in this healing modality. It is usually coupled with extraction work (removal of the things which have taken up residency in your energy system which do not serve you). There are also a number of other healing methods which may be employed within a healing session.

You can never underestimate a soul’s ability to heal…

Speaking from personal experience the shamanic healing I have undergone has left me feeling more whole, more grounded and connected than I ever remember feeling. It has been an amazing journey of self-discovery and I feel that I am gradually moving towards living an authentic, fulfilled and content life.

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