“Rachel’s work has proven to be both hugely popular with our staff, and genuinely beneficial for our business. People return to work refreshed and relaxed, and the business is seen as more people focused for her involvement. I cannot recommend Rachel’s services highly enough, she brings a positive and nurturing energy to the office and has made a real difference to First 10.”

Danyl BosomworthOwner - First 10

Keeping employees happy, healthy and motivated is a huge challenge for any company and your business depends on you getting it right.  Here’s how one company tackled the issue…

The Company and Their Ethos

First 10 are a rapidly growing digital marketing agency who are doing innovative work with leading businesses.  They know that the work they do is highly dependent on the quality of their employees and their employee’s motivation levels.  They firmly believe that if you ensure your employees are looked after well they will feel valued and this leads to improved work quality and output, lower sickness absence, and lower employee turnover.

The Challenge

First 10 wanted to create a really great place for people to work, a place where their employees would feel valued and happy despite it being a fast paced, high pressure, deadline driven environment.  They wanted to be able to continue doing the brilliant work that they do whilst retaining the people who do the work well.  The challenge was to find affordable ways to make this happen.  They were aware that obviously salary and development opportunities are key factors in motivating people, but also that the work environment and perks of the job play a huge role in the perception of what makes a fulfilling job.

What They Did

As part of a programme of change they brought in a physiotherapist to perform a workspace health check to ensure that all employees were working in an environment which supported their physical health.  This brought to their attention the negative impact that prolonged desk working can have on an individual both physically and mentally.  They recognised that some sort of intervention was needed and onsite therapies seemed to fit the bill.

They enlisted my services to deliver a schedule of 30 minute massage sessions for employees on a fortnightly basis for a trial period of four months which was entirely funded by the business.

They rolled this out alongside a programme of other wellbeing related activities, and monitored to see what was working and what wasn’t.

How it Turned Out

The regular massage sessions were very popular with employees as it provided them with the opportunity for a welcome break away from their desk and the ability to release physical and mental / emotional tension.  It also let them know that the company takes their health and wellbeing seriously.  In short their employees felt nurtured.

As the massage sessions were so popular demand for the sessions was greater than the service provision and after the initial trial period First 10 made the decision to increase the massage sessions from fortnightly to weekly in order to ensure that all employees got the opportunity to make use of the service.