How are you doing?

Stop! All change!!!

Wow, the world has certainly become a very different place all of a sudden hasn’t it?

I’m not massively brilliant at this staying in contact business, but in these crazy worrying times I thought I would break my usual radio silence to ask how are you doing (and yes, I would actually like to hear your honest answer)?

I’m seeing so many different responses to this current crisis but a lot of what I am observing is very split between positive and negative poles. I’m opting to stay somewhere in the middle, acknowledging my fear, hurt, despair and grief whilst also holding in the other hand the belief that this time will change our world permanently and my hope that perhaps that change might be for the better, not only for humans but for all beings on our planet. I could quite easily drop into the fear and stay there but I don’t think residing solely in that place will serve me well.

I’ve been chatting to people who are struggling with the crisis and particularly the social isolation that we are experiencing at the moment and we’ve been asking the question how do we get through this?

It’s funny isn’t it, I was talking to both my girls at the weekend and although they are both quite introverted home birds and don’t tend to leave the house to socialise with much frequency, the fact that they have had the choice taken away from them has sent them both into a bit of a tailspin. It goes without saying that as pack creatures we will all be being impacted at some level by the enforced lack of contact with our fellow humans.

It’s at these times that I am grateful for my interconnectedness – my connection with the earth and all the beings who live upon it. I am still able to get out every day, even if only for a short time, and I gain such sustenance from my interactions with the world that it is keeping me buoyed up through these times where I cannot be with the ones I love most dearly.

I am grateful too for the technology we have available to us now for communicating across distances. I have obviously grown up in an age where the telephone was just an every day norm, but developments throughout my lifetime now allow us to see as well as to speak to each other via the wonders of video calling. I have historically shied away from this technology claiming it to feel awkward but I’ve been getting to grips with this mode of communication over the last few weeks and I’m actually starting to quite like it.

At first I found it tricky and really confusing to my senses. I have obviously grown so accustomed to the use of the telephone and how we have to adapt to make up for the loss of so many of our sensory inputs when using it to communicate that I didn’t think how adding sight back in might totally discombobulate me. I found it really weird that I could hear and see people but not feel them in quite the same way. I imagine my experience is somewhat akin to the folk who first experienced the telephone back in the 1800’s.

Again I thought of our interconnectedness and how on a quantum level we are all joined up together and that perhaps if I focussed less on trying to feel a person through my screen and more on tapping into the quantum implicate level of my experience that I might overcome this little hurdle and low and behold it worked.

So, I am also grateful for the opportunity, because of the wonders of our communication technology, to be able to continue to do some of the work I would usually do despite having had to close the doors to the clinic for the time being. I miss being with my clients hugely but I can stay connected and I can offer support throughout all of this to people who need it and that feels good.

Joanna Macy talks about gratitude as being an antidote to despair and I believe that staying connected in whatever ways I can, both with others and the world around me, and offering up gratitude for the things I can amidst all that is difficult and challenging right now might well be my way of getting through all of this.

How are you feeling and how are you coping with all of this?

Sending warmest wishes to you all