How reiki helped me heal, and how it can help you too.

ReikiFrom sceptic to believer in one small step.

I discovered Reiki (pronounced ray-key) over nine years ago now, and it happened quite by accident. I have to admit at the time I was a bit of a sceptic.

It was a bad day, or so I thought. I was in training to become a holistic therapist, and it was a college day. I had been a passenger in a car accident a month or so before which had resulted in a whiplash injury and I had been suffering with pain in my neck and shoulder for weeks. I had woken at 5:30am (college days started early) to discover that I was full of a nasty cold and so not only my neck and shoulder hurt, but pretty much everything else too, and I was snotty (so, so snotty). I was miserable!

I had dragged myself into college (despite feeling crappy), and was hugely relieved when the lady I was working with suggested that I be the massage model first. Yey, I thought a chance to lie down, whoop 🙂

I was laid having a very soothing back massage, feeling like the day had started to turn a corner slightly when my tutor approached and asked if it would be ok to give me a little bit of reiki to help with the shoulder/neck pain which she knew I had been struggling with. Despite being sceptical I figured there was nothing to lose, I was laid there anyway so I may as well just say yes.

She gave me 15 mins of Reiki whilst the other lady finished off my massage. I remember her hands being ice cold, most people associate Reiki with heat, but there are any number of sensations you might experience in a Reiki session. It wasn’t unpleasant though, it was strangely enlivening whilst simultaneously being super relaxing.

When the session was brought to a close and the now somewhat familiar pain of the whiplash injury made its presence known again, I remember thinking ‘uh, I knew this reiki business was all a load of nonsense, my shoulder and neck still hurt as much as ever’. However, after just a few seconds of being upright it dawned on me that something else had shifted. I was no longer snotty, my throat was no longer sore, and although my neck and shoulder were still painful, that achy feeling you get when your body is being invaded by a virus had just totally disappeared. My nasty cold had done a runner!

How could this be? Viruses don’t just disappear like that, there’s a process of healing that occurs, symptoms decrease, and eventually you become well again. But no, this particular virus had just disappeared, without a trace, never to be seen again. “Well blow me down,” I thought (or words to that effect; those of you who know me can fill in the inconsistencies with language you are more accustomed to hearing from me) “this Reiki business seems to have a bit more to it than meets the eye”.

So how was it that my bug just vanished into thin air?  How does this Reiki thing work?

Reiki, when translated, means universal energy, or universal life force energy. The word Reiki is referring to the energy from which everything on this planet is made. A Reiki therapist is purely a channel through which this energy can flow and a Reiki session involves them channelling this energy into you, almost like a topping up of your energy batteries.

So far there has been no research conducted which shows categorically how Reiki works. There has however been some research done into what happens in our brains during a Reiki treatment, and it has been discovered that the brainwave patterns of both the therapist and the person receiving the Reiki energy drop into theta waves which triggers a really deep state of relaxation. I have had people visiting me for their first Reiki session, unsure as to whether or not it is going to work for them, only to find that they literally wobble off of the couch at the end of their session as it has been so relaxing.

Theta brain waves are the frequencies which are present during deep meditation and light sleep which is where we experience the dream state. It is the realm where our subconscious finds its outlet for expression, and is only really experienced momentarily as we drop into and out of deep sleep, or as mentioned before during deep meditation. It is believed that when experiencing theta state this is where we can truly experience our interconnectedness with all other living things, experience visions, find our creativity, and have true flashes of inspiration. It’s also the place where we can access our deepest subconscious programming. When our brains drop into this wave pattern our bodies drop into deep relaxation and yet we are entirely aware of our surroundings and all that is happening around us.

It makes no wonder then that when we receive Reiki energy our bodies tap into our own deep subconscious intelligence and that as a result of making contact with this our body, mind and spirit’s healing responses are activated. It comes from within which is why the healing which is triggered after a Reiki session is unique to each individual. We’ve also had the benefit of an energy recharge so we have some extra reserves to draw on in order to carry out the healing.

If I go back to my own example of the disappearing cold, the prominent thing for me on the day that I had my first ever Reiki session wasn’t the shoulder and neck pain which had been plaguing me for weeks, but the cold that was currently depleting me. My brain rapidly dropped into theta waves when the Reiki session started and that gave my body the ability to assess the situation and decide on a course of action. My healing responses kicked in and the amazing result was that the virus was eradicated from my system.

Now, I hasten to add that Reiki is not a miracle cure. I am very lucky to have experienced myself, and witnessed in others the full range of healing which Reiki can provoke, but it is not always as obvious or spectacular in nature as the example I’ve given above. I personally believe though that the ability to access such deep states of relaxation as Reiki provides is healing and rejuvenating in itself.

Since training as a Reiki therapist I have integrated Reiki into my daily life and this allowed me to embark on a journey of personal healing. I have managed to shift unhealthy patterns of behaviour, let go of old emotions, and facilitate physical healing throughout the years which I firmly believe just wouldn’t have been possible without Reiki.

I have also been privileged to be able to share this gift with others through my practice as a Reiki therapist, and accompany them on their healing journeys. Then later in my career I became a Reiki Master which gave me the ability to pass Reiki attunements on to other people so that they can also channel the energy into themselves and others for healing purposes. It truly has been a wondrous journey.

Could Reiki help you?

If you would like to find out more about Reiki and how it can help you, or perhaps about learning how to access and channel Reiki energy yourself get in touch. You can reach me on 07946 071 672 or email