Introducing Myofascial Release

fasciaIf truth be told, I have been using myofascial release techniques alongside my existing massage skills for years, as many of you who have undergone treatment with me will know.  I feel I should at this point offer my humble gratitude to those of you who came forward to be practiced on whilst I was training.

So why now? 

Why have I decided to make a big song and a dance about it all of a sudden?

Some of you will already know, and many of you may not, however I completed my training at the back end of 2012 to become an integrative Myofascial Release practitioner.  I have continued to use the techniques as part of my existing practice, but more and more I am seeing people walking through my treatment room doors who would benefit from a solely fascial approach to their treatment.

Myofascial release is fast gaining recognition due to recent scientific research and has even been heralded by some as the ‘missing link’ in traditional body work, so I feel I should do my duty in educating those of you who have no idea what this super-efficient form of body work is all about.

So what is myofascial release?

Myofascial release is a series of massage techniques used to release the fascial network.

Fascia is a form of connective tissue that provides support and protection for most other structures within the human body including bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs.

In its harmonious state fascia is wavy and moves fluidly, however when the body undergoes a mental or emotional trauma of any kind, or through continuous poor posture the fascia hardens and forms scars. These in turn place huge pressure on the fascial system which pulls internal structures out of alignment, often resulting in pain.

Unfortunately fascial pulls and restrictions do not show up on medical scans or x-rays and consequently people can be walking around with un-diagnosable pain for many years.

Releasing restrictions in the fascial network allows all the other structures to slide back into their natural position relieving tension and associated pain.

As a holistic therapist I believe that mind, body and spirit are an integrative system at the core of human existence and all three aspects have to be in balance to maintain good health.

The body’s fascial system supports microscopic cells containing energy which have the ability to retain memory.  Therefore it could be said that body memory is not held purely in the mind but is a free flowing stream of unconscious communication between mind and body via the fascial network.  The body for example can remember postural positions, actions and emotions without the brain prompting it to do so.

Treating the fascia not only directly impacts the body, but via the network of energy containing cells has a knock on impact to the mind and consequently the spirit also so an all-round holistic treatment in my view.

What happens in a myofascial release treatment?

It’s difficult to describe how a myofascial release treatment is carried out, it is one of those disciplines that just has to be experienced in order to have a full understanding of the processes and effects.

Myofascial release is very different from many more traditional forms of massage, the techniques are performed slower for one thing.

Treatment will involve a thorough consultation and postural assessment followed by a combination of manipulation, stretching and dialoguing and in this sense it is also much more active than most massage forms.

How will it make me feel?

I had one client ask me if I was going to fork out for a new passport for her as she felt sure she was about 10 feet tall after her initial session.

Several clients have told me they feel soft, and loose, and floppy.  Some have said stretched out, fluid, flexible.

Again it all really depends on what issues you are presenting with as to what results you will gain, but as with most massage disciplines a myofascial release treatment offers some time out from daily life which is therapeutic in its own right, but also comes with the usual effects of decreased muscular tension, increased circulation of blood and lymph, and endorphin release.  All of these effects combine promote an increased sense of wellbeing.

Want to find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more about how myofascial release could help you, or would like to make an appointment for treatment give me a call on 07946 071 672.