Reflexology – It’s not crazy, it’s just a little misunderstood

ReflexologyIf I were to say “Would you like a reflexology treatment?” what response instantly comes into your mind?

Let me guess…….

Erm, that’s that feet thing isn’t it?…. I’m not really sure what that is…. Isn’t that for like when your ill and stuff?….. If I’m having a massage, I’d rather you did my shoulders than my feet!……. I’ve got really ticklish feet, I’m not sure it will do me any good!…… How’s that going to help me relax?…… I hate my feet!

These are all genuine responses that I’ve had to this very question.

As a multi-disciplinary holistic therapist I am often amazed and sometimes even disappointed by people’s responses. People often have a massively skewed perception about this really quite amazing treatment.

Just To Clear Things Up

In case your response was in line with any of the above you may like to know that reflexology is a hands on therapy practiced predominantly on the feet (but can also be carried out using the hands and ears, although not typically). It’s a little like getting a foot massage, however reflexology techniques work in a deeper way and encourage a more profound response in your body than your regular old foot massage.

The core theory underpinning reflexology is that there are a series of ‘reflex’ points in the feet which form a map of the entire body and are connected to their corresponding body part by a network of energy, and nerve pathways. When the reflex points are manipulated using reflexology techniques, a healing response is stimulated in the corresponding body parts. Reflexology encourages your body to take a good look at itself and to gently correct any areas of imbalance and strengthen the body as a whole.

Reflexologists use a very confident and firm touch technique which helps to avoid any ticklish feet responses. The treatment is incredibly relaxing and I often find that by the time I have moved on to the second foot my client is often asleep or at least so deeply relaxed they can no longer keep their eyes open. Reflexology relieves physical tension in all areas of the body. It also promotes good circulation of blood and lymph, which bring nutrients and oxygen into the body and helps eliminate toxins (and other not so good for you stuff).

So, to sum it all up, not only is reflexology a wonderfully soothing and relaxing treatment, it also encourages positive healthy responses in your body which in turn can strengthen your immune system, help you sleep well, and promote healing where necessary.

And for those of you who hate your feet; your feet spend many hours of your waking life bearing all your weight, walking, running, generally standing around. You may not like the way your feet look, however not everyone feels the same about them and maybe your feet would really enjoy the care and attention paid to them during this lovely treatment. It could be time to give your feet some thanks for the fantastic job they do for you every day.

Some Things People Have Said About Reflexology:

It’s like having a full body massage, only through the feet

I have regular reflexology to keep my health and immune system on track

I thought I would find it really ticklish, but not at all. I am so relaxed, I’m definitely a convert

Why not give it a try?

If you would like more information about reflexology, a chat about whether it would be right for you, or to book in for an appointment give me a call on 07946 071 672.


Rachel Surtees