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Shamanic Workshops

I am delighted to offer you the opportunity to discover shamanism and develop your shamanic practice through a series of one day workshops.

Take a look at the tabs below for full details of the Discover Shamanism days, and the Shamanism – Next Steps workshops…

In addition I hold a monthly Journey Circle for those on the shamanic path who have trained with the Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.

Introduction to Shamanism

Therapeutic ShamanismEarlybird tickets £40

 Standard price tickets £50

Please note: the workshop fees are non-refundable except in the circumstances where the organiser has to cancel the event.

Eventbrite - Introduction to Shamanism - Leeds  Leeds 17th September 2017 10am-5pm

(Earlybird tickets available until 13th August 2017)

Eventbrite - Introduction to Shamanism - Stockton  Stockton 14th October 2017 10am-5pm

(Earlybird tickets available until 16th September 2017)

Shamanism is our most ancient spiritual tradition. It has been practised for tens of thousands of years in every part of the world where humans have settled. It is the spiritual practice that the overwhelming majority of our ancestors practised, going way back into human history. It has seen cultures rise and fall. The fact that it has survived and thrived is testament to its truth, power and usefulness. It is in itself not a religion, and need not be incompatible with any religious practice.

Throughout its long and varied history, shamanism has taken many forms, appropriate to the culture it has found itself in. Therapeutic Shamanism combines the principles of shamanic work with those of modern counselling and psychotherapy. It is highly relevant to modern life and its dis-eases. It provides an easily-learnt tool kit of techniques and methods that are profoundly useful for personal healing, help with life issues, raising self-awareness, personal and spiritual development, and much more.

This experiential course covers the basics of shamanic practice. It is usually an eye-opening experience that opens up a rich and amazing world of possibilities. Participants will be shown simple yet profound techniques to enter shamanic reality to reconnect to their own spirituality. No prior experience is necessary. The course will include…

  • the history of shamanism
  • the key concepts of the shamanic universe
  • how to enter a shamanic ‘journey’
  • finding your ‘power animal’
  • the basics of how to journey for others

Prior booking is essential. Attendance on this course enables one to apply for the foundation and advanced courses at The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.

To book your place click the register now button above or contact Rachel for more information on 07946 071 672. Alternatively you can email Rachel at

Please note: If you are interested in this course but cannot do these dates, or  if you would be interested in arranging a course in your area (in return for a free place) then please do let me know.

Shamanism - Next Steps

Earlybird tickets £40

Standard price tickets £50

Please note: the workshop fees are non-refundable except in the circumstances where the organiser has to cancel the event.

Meeting Lower World Guides

crowEventbrite - Next Steps - Meeting lower world guides  20th May 2017 (earlybird ends 23rd April 2017)

As you begin to develop your shamanic practice you will eventually seek out additional guides other than your power animal.

On this one day workshop we will explore the reasons for and practicalities of meeting and working with additional lower world guides.

By the end of the day you will have met and got to know at least one lower world human guide, started to map out the territory where they live, and be able to identify other sources of lower world help and know where to call on them should the need arise.

Working With the Stone People

stone-peopleEventbrite - Next Steps - Working with the stone people  29th July 2017 (earlybird ends 25th June 2017)

The stone people are the oldest and wisest of all the people and in this one day workshop we will explore how to make contact with and work with these amazing beings.

Journey Circle

Friday evening, once a month 6:30pm-8:30pm (no meetings in August & December)

£10 per meeting or £40 for a block of 5 meetings (If you want to book for a block of 5 meetings in advance please get in touch with Rachel directly on 07946 071 672).

(Prior booking essential. Please note: the fee is non-refundable once booking has been made except in the event that the organiser has to cancel the meeting)

 30th June 2017   Cancelled   @ The Annexe, 5 Burton Crescent, Leeds LS6 4DN

Shamanic practitioners across the world journey regularly into non-ordinary reality and it is through this ongoing relationship with the guides and peoples in the shamanic realms that a prac-titioner develops their skills and furthers their spiritual development on this path. It is an essential part of becoming an effective shamanic practitioner.

The shamanic path though is not without its challenges and people often find they struggle to commit to integrating a regular journeying practice into their hectic lifestyles. People frequently comment that it is difficult to integrate this into your way of life when others around you are not practicing.

For this reason our group has been established to support shamanic practitioners of all experience levels in deepening their shamanic work. We find strength in community and this helps us generate the energy and momentum for practice when alone.

Beginners and those with experience alike can find benefit in joining the circle. As a diverse group of people with different experiences we all have something to learn from each other and can bolster each other’s development in different ways.

In 2016 the groups will be themed towards a year of living shamanically.

Activities at each meeting may include journeying for self, journeying for others within the group, and exploring ways in which to take shamanic practice into our wider lives and using it to serve the earth and our community.

This group is open to all people who have attended a minimum of an introductory workshop with the Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism.

For more information please contact Rachel on 07946 071 672 or email

You can also book online by clicking the register now button above.