Summer shakeup – Right now is the best time to get moving with new projects, and making changes in your life.

butterfly smallWe celebrated the summer solstice just a few short days ago which means we are at the height of summer right now (even if a glance outside the window may have you believing otherwise).

Traditionally according to the medicine wheel this puts us firmly in the position of the south, and the element of fire.  Fire is all about movement; at this time of year our energy is at its highest and our capacity for productivity is huge.  If you are ever wanting to undertake a new project, or change lifestyle habits, summer is often the best time to get these underway.

Summer for me this year has seen a sudden turn of events which has meant I have had to relocate my practice very rapidly (not a small task to undertake).  Lucky for me the position which we are inhabiting on the medicine wheel right now has been favourable in supporting this transition.

There’s still an awful lot of work to get done before the medicine wheel turns again in the autumn to ensure the harvest (the fruits of my labour) will be abundant, but after having completed my first day of seeing clients in my new clinic space I am feeling positive that the future will be bright.

If you would like to find out more about the medicine wheel and how you can work with the turning wheel of the year in order to make life a little easier rather than battling against it