What stories are you telling yourself?

what's your story smallWe each have a personal story, a sort of autobiography, ‘my story so far’ kind of thing. It is these stories which help inform our view of life and our experiences on-going.

Our stories develop over time. At first they are heavily informed by the people around us, parents, siblings, family members, family friends. Slightly later you encounter school, and teachers and childhood friends start to play a role in your story. Moving on again you start to venture out into the world and your horizons are broadened. We are forever experiencing, learning, and developing. It is the way life works.

If you think about all the people who have played a role in your story so far, and all the experiences you have had in your life you will realise that your story is quite a complicated and intricate tale woven with many strands. All of these strands leave an energetic imprint in us which create a kind of manual on how to live your life.

We humans are clever beings and realise that continually referring to a user manual to see what the next step should be can get quite tiresome, so these energy strands sit buried within us, operating on a subconscious level at all times so that we don’t have to think about them very much. That does however mean that a lot of our decisions are made, and impressions are formed using a completely subconscious set of parameters which is not necessarily the best thing for us.

I have come to realise over the years just how much power and influence these stories have over us. Sometimes they serve us well and help us get the best out of life. If you’re like me though you might find that there are certain aspects of your story which hold you back. I know I certainly have had a few experiences where I’ve thought ‘Oh, this is like that time when….’ Or ‘How have I ended up in this mess again?’ or ‘I didn’t see that coming!’.

The good news is that this can be changed.

By identifying your story and bringing it into consciousness you unlock the door to change. You loosen the hold that your subconscious ‘manual’ has on you. You will start to realise when you are repeating old patterns and habits which have not served you so well previously. You will recognise the people who have a negative impact on you. You will be able to make clearer decisions without the influence of old thought forms and beliefs which have held you back in the past.

You will never be able to stop other people having an influence in your life, or be able to dictate exactly which experiences you will have. You will however be able to live your life without having to refer to your subconscious manual which puts you in the driving seat rather than a set of subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and patterns of behaviour.

Trust me, identifying your story is a hugely liberating experience!

Want to get started with identifying your story? I am running a workshop on Saturday 17th October, aptly named ‘What’s Your Story?’ This is a full on day of self-exploration designed to help you identify your story, and start to loosen the threads of your subconscious so you can move forward more freely.

Would you rather look at some of this on a one-to-one basis? Get in contact if you would like to have a chat about one-to-one therapy sessions.