Where does time go?

BluebellsWe are well and truly in the midst of spring.

It’s a lovely feeling when our energy starts to wake up again at the beginning of February.  You can almost feel the life returning to your bones, and as the days go onwards and the weather starts to perk up a little we become more and more active.

I love those early days of spring where I find I have lots of ideas floating around, but I love this time of year even more.  The ideas that I was floating back in February are starting to come together now into something more concrete, ‘things which are actually happening’.  It feels exciting, and it’s great to be part of the flow,  working in tune with the rhythms of the year.  Not to mention that the bluebells are now starting to bloom too (that always gets me excited).

According to the medicine wheel, now is the time to start ‘doing’, to be reviewing your plans for the year and getting some sort of schedule set (if you haven’t already), and to be getting things underway; sewing the seeds for the harvest you wish to reap at the end of the year.

Your energy levels will soon be at their peak as we head into the summer and if you have no plan of action, or have not laid the foundations by taking your first steps  you may find your energy doesn’t get used as optimally as it could, and you may not achieve all you wish in the time you have.

If you’d like to find out more about working in tune with the rhythms of the year, or how shamanic healing can help you get back in the flow get in touch.