Why autumn is the best time to see things through to completion

autumn blonde smlYesterday was the autumn equinox, also known as Mabon. On this is day of the year the dark and the light are in perfect balance with each other, the following day the dark hours start to increase as we head steadily towards the winter months.

I wrote a few months ago about how in shamanic culture it is believed that summer brings us into contact with the fire element, and how we can use this energy to support us in taking action so new projects and lifestyle changes can really get underway (you can read more about that here). Similarly autumn has its own element, and we see ourselves moving now into a time governed by water.

At this time of year we feel our energy naturally starting to drop off a little. When we work with water it brings us the strength and determination to keep going with things until they meet their natural end; so it supports us in seeing those new projects we started in the summer through to their completion.

The equinox gives us a momentary space for reflection, to look at what you have accomplished, what you would still like to achieve by the end of the year, and what you will be leaving until next year (or just forgetting altogether).

After a month of working flat out, I found myself needing to take some time and space to regather myself this week which coincided with the equinox. Traditionally Mabon is a time of rest and celebration after working hard to bring in the harvest.

I took a couple of days out (thankfully the bookings in my diary were light), and I used the time to finish a knitting project that I have had on the go since last year. Knitting is something I love to do in my downtime, so although it has kept me busy, it was doing something I find relaxing and gives me plenty of contemplation space.

I took a look at what I have been trying to achieve this year, took stock of what I have already ticked off the list (and allowed myself a small celebration of these things), and made a plan for achieving my goals that I still want to reach by the end of the year. I also made a list of things to let go of at this stage.

I sit here now feeling lighter and happier with myself. I’ve allowed myself some space to look at the bigger picture and feel less bogged down in the day to day, with a clear plan of what steps I need to take next in order to reach my goals. Not only that, but I have finished my knitting project, and I have an awesome new snuggly warm jumper to keep me warm as I head through the autumn / winter months.

Working with the medicine wheel allows for us to flow through life.

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