Why thousands of people in the UK are turning to holistic therapies

Let me set the scene…

work stress smallIt’s Friday afternoon, 4:30pm. You’re sat at your desk, just another hour to go and then you’re out of here for the weekend. You can feel yourself willing away the seconds until that moment when you can just put everything down for a few sweet days.

You have spent the last five days sat at your desk, wedged into a tiny space in a chair that does very little to support good posture, typing away at a keyboard for hours on end, with your arms permanently in the forward reaching position. Just to throw in a little occasional variation you might give a little wiggle to the mouse. You have continuously contorted yourself into some of the strangest positions you can imagine (from an onlookers point of view) in order to see the screen which is sat in front of you more clearly, and to have much needed documents spread around you in order to do your work.

Your boss told you this morning that there was a huge piece of work he needed you to do that just had to be completed by the end of the day, not to mention the other three projects which you already have underway. As your body has geared up to help you through the increased workload you seem to have found that your shoulders have a new preferred location – up by your ear lobes!

So at 4:30 this particular Friday evening, your stress levels are high, your body aches (from all the sitting, contorting, tension holding), and you are exhausted.

Your colleagues are heading to the pub straight after work in order to let their hair down a little, and a fair amount of alcohol will be drunk in a bid to gain some level of relaxation. They might be successful in this endeavour, however the benefit will be short lived as the resulting hangover which has taken up residency by Saturday morning may take much of the weekend to get over.

Now unfortunately a lot of people do this week in, week out, and then start to wonder why their health is suffering as a result, but not you…

Recently you’ve decided to start seeking an outlet for relaxation in a different way.

You come away from work, and head straight to the holistic therapists treatment room. You walk in and the comfortable, cosy surroundings instantly put you in the mood for relaxing. Some strangely comforting aromas infuse the room, and you can already feel some of your tension starting to melt away.

“How are you?” your therapist greets you. You’ve been a few times now so you know that this is not an invitation to indulge in some random small talk. Your therapist wants an honest answer and you indulge her.

You tell her that your body feels achy, and that you woke up with a stiff neck this morning, and that you’re having trouble sleeping at the moment so you’re shattered. Work is piling up around you and the stress levels are mounting.

“Hmm,” your therapist says “how about we try a combination treatment this time? Maybe some massage to encourage your body to let go of the physical tension you are carrying, some reflexology to address the mental tension and to encourage the body to strengthen and protect itself, and a smidge of Reiki to top up your energy levels?”

Perfect! You prepare yourself and make your way to the couch.

You start with the massage, you can feel your therapist wringing the tension out of your muscles and your body starts to become a little less alert. Next the reflexology, you can’t believe just how relaxing having your feet rubbed can be. Then comes the reiki, and you find yourself drifting in a state of total relaxation, not asleep, but almost as if you are floating on a cloud and time and space has lost all meaning. You come to the end of the session and your therapist leaves you to have a little time to come round and get ready.

You head home, to be honest you’re not entirely sure how you got here you were so relaxed when you left the therapy room. You prepare yourself a light meal and get into some comfy clothes so you can get cosy for the evening.

You have an early night as you are now feeling quite sleepy, and you wake in the morning after having a deep night’s sleep feeling refreshed and ready to get going with the weekend.

The benefits of holistic therapies from the point of view of stress level reduction alone are astounding, never mind the knock on effect this has on your health & wellbeing.

If you would like to find out more about how holistic therapies can help you, give me a call on 07946 071 672 and we can have a chat, or drop me an email to rachel@appletreeholistics.co.uk

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